Welcome to DIY Online Solutions!

Imagine having the time and energy to do what you love…Imagine being able to run your business, right from your desk…

What started as a mission to generate donations online for charities turned into a lucrative business venture. I now want to pay it forward by sharing FREE tips on simple, effective, yet affordable online strategies for DIY Solopreneurs like me and you…Solutions that will help you increase clientele, close sales, and keep your clients happy.  It’s my way of saying I believe in you!  All I ask is that you pay it forward by helping those on your path.

Our Purpose is not in what we can do for the World, but how we can serve…Jennifer 

At DIY Online Solutions, we live by this simple formula:  Efficiency + Automation = Relaxation

Feel free to browse around.  Starting Fall of 2012, www.DIYOnlineSolutions.org will combine efforts with www.CenterOfOneness.org.  Our mission is to assist entrepreneurs in adding Spiritual fulfillment into their business brand and operational practices.  We will be producing many more up-to-date tutorials, how-to videos and blog posts on topics such as:  SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Marketing & Branding Tips, and of course website building using WordPress.   We thank you for your patience while we transform and expand.