Tech Stuff

Dave’s our Technical Nerd on the team!

Dave has been programming for 30+ years. Yes! He was a Wiz Kid back when computers were as big as the Taj Mahal. He’s one of those special Talents who can write code in just about any software language. He’s not only a Master in software architecture and web application, but he’s a Genius at WordPress and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). He’s written many WordPress Plugins to make our jobs easier!

Dave believes in Automation.

His Motto is: Why do it twice when you can get the computer to do it for you?

The rest of us can’t really help ya with that Robot stuff Dave’s got going on in his Head!  Feel Free to poke around his personal website so you can get to know him.

Facebook “Like Button” Security
Is it really that big of a deal?
When does it cross over to Invasion of Privacy?
Dave shares thoughts and steps to protect yourself.

What exactly is WordPress?
It’s not a Blog.
It’s a Content Management System with blogging capabilities.

What are WordPress Plugins?
These little “code” things that help you customize your WordPress website.