Waiting for Online Business

Jennifer Cloake, Founder of DIY Online Solutions, suggests not to wait for Online Business.

Okay, here’s the deal. A lot of things seem like axx backwards Online but the honest truth is it makes tons of sense. It’s the same concepts in Investing and what has help many Entrepreneurs achieve Mega Success.

Many business owners think if they load up their products and services Online, people will flock to their website. Well, no! The truth: No one cares! I’m not trying to be a downer here but Buyers are very savvy. It’s a fact that with globalization and the convenience of online purchases, chances are very slim you are the only one with your specialty, products, and/ or services.
So, stay away from the mindset that “if you build it they will come…”.

So, that leaves us desperately looking for business. We knock on doors and make friends we don’t necessarily want to talk to on Facebook, Twitter, and God knows where else Online. Some might be interested in buying but there’s little to none when it comes to loyalty. And really, there are tons of salesperson knocking on the same doors selling the same things. This leaves us business owners extremely frustrated. When do we take a break for vacation? When we get back, there’s no business. No business means no money. And we all know no money means no food…boy, we sure are creating a lot of unnecessary stress for ourselves, aren’t we?

Here’s what I’m suggesting: If you need income right now, get a job. While you build your business (which I always advocate), you work- even if it’s a part time job. The fact is you need to be in the mental space where you aren’t desperate for money. Needing money will cause a business owner make decisions they wouldn’t otherwise make. Often times, it will come back and bite you in the axx.

Now, give…give…and give. It doesn’t mean you give everything away. It means you give your time, your passion, and your expertise. I love making people laugh so I spend a lot of time making silly videos. One, great for my Soul. I enjoy doing it. Two, I’m known as the Funny one that takes Action. You need to spend time not selling but marketing your Brand so you stand out Online. Once you establish a consistent Brand, business will pour in Effortlessly. Yes, it takes a little longer. Yes, it’s not the easiest thing. But this is how you can achieve Personal and Financial Freedom sooner than later. Think of it as Efficiency! =)

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Power of $1

Jennifer Cloake, Founder of DIY Online Solutions.com, shares a marketing secret online- The Power of $1

Hey, you might be spending $5 on a cup of coffee these days but don’t discount The Power of $1 online.

99 Cent Store rakes in millions on this principle. When was the last time you bought only 1 item at the 99 Cent Store? Me- NEVER! I always end up with shopping carts full of stuff.

Now, with automated email delivery systems online, you literally can come up with tutorials- videos or .PDF’s, charge $1 each, rinse, and repeat! =) It takes you a little bit of initial efforts but with ongoing marketing and the benefits of a WordPress Blog, you can really automate much of your efforts.

More details in the video, you’ll know what I mean. You can set up monthly memberships to generate residual income. You can choose to pump out 100 of this mini-tutorials, make a series out of them. Sky is the limit and there’s no stopping when it comes to creativity.

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