Social Media Basics

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A 35 Minute Tutorial on the Basics of Social Media.

DIY Online Success Tip:  Social Media Basics

Where exactly do you get started with Social Media if you haven’t already gotten started?

If you have gotten started, why isn’t it working for you?

I’m here to 4 major Social Media sites you should join to generate business in this recorded Webinar.

You’ve often heard from Social Media Gurus not to sell.  Great!  Now what?  How else do you bring business in?

The Purpose of Social Media is not to sell, but to brand your Message.  It’s to broadcast your Branding Message- that’s the Message you share to Inspire Others to work with you- with you only and no one else.

Selling stops when you stop selling.  The key to success in Marketing is to brand yourself so that Others will knock on your door asking to do business with you. Now, that’s Efficiency!

How cool would it be if you actually focused on sharing your Craft instead of being burdened by Sales and Operations?

Join me in this recording.  Enjoy!

Jennifer Cloake, Founder of

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