Download Theme Test WordPress Plugin

Test Drive themes on your WordPress Blog without the need to activate them

Download the Theme Test WordPress Plugin
Here: [download id=”6″ format=”1″ autop=”false”]

Plugin Requires WordPress 2.8+


Download the Plugin File to your Computer.

Install this on your Self Hosted WordPress Blog (Must be Self Hosted).

Click on the “DIY Theme Test” option in the Appearance menu in the WordPress admin.

The DIY Theme Test page shows a list of all the themes currently installed for your blog. Clicking on the theme name link for a theme opens a new browser window and activates the theme for that session only.

Any other visitors to your blog will still view your site with the old theme until you activate the new theme from the “Appearance” menu.


Not sure if you have Self-Hosted blog or WordPress Hosted Blog?

If your URL looks like, then it’s Self-Hosted.

If your URL looks like, then it’s WordPress hosted (this Plugin will not work. We recommend you switch to a Self-Hosted Blog setup when you’re ready.)

If you need assistance, Post your questions via our