Download Facebook Like Plugin

How cool is it to be able to have the Facebook “Like” Button added to your WordPress Blog Posts?

Now ANY Facebook User can share your Blog Post with all of their friends with the push of a button.
Talk about Publicity for you and your brand.

Download the Facebook Like Plugin Here: [download id=”1″ format=”1″ autop=”false”]

Plugin Requires WordPress 2.8+


Download the Plugin File to your Computer.

Install this on your Self Hosted WordPress Blog (Must be Self Hosted).

Configure the plugin with your Facebook User Id (Instructions on finding your User Id are included in the Settings Page. Go to your WordPress Admin, and select “DIY Facebook Like” under the Settings menu.)

You’re done!

Now, enjoy having the Facebook Like Button on the bottom of each of your Blog Posts.


Not sure if you have Self-Hosted blog or WordPress Hosted Blog?

If your URL looks like, then it’s Self-Hosted.

If your URL looks like, then it’s WordPress hosted (this Plugin will not work. We recommend you switch to a Self-Hosted Blog setup when you’re ready.)

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