DIY Landing Page Plugin

How cool would it be if you can set up your very own Landing Pages?

“Entrepreneurship:  Doing whatever you want, whenever you want, and however you want.”~J. Cloake

What if you can do it over and over again for one low initial investment?

“A penny saved is a penny earned.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Landing Pages are like your personal Newspaper Ads on the Web.

“Your Branding Message needs to Inspire Others to work with you- with you only and no one else!” ~ J. Cloake

If you can Master Landing Pages, the World Wide Web is your best friend!!!

The WWW has helped many Online Mavericks make Millions, continues to help Entrepreneurs
generate Clients. Combined with Budget-Efficiency, Automation,
the World-Wide-Web has quickly turned into Win-Win-Win for many!

What if I tell you we are accepting 500 382 people right now in BETA testing for our new WordPress Plugin designed specifically for Entrepreneurs?

This Landing Page Plugin allows Entrepreneurs like me and you set up our very own
Landing Pages whenever we want,  and as many as you want.

  • You do not need to change the theme on your site. The plugin works with your existing theme. You can set up a single page as a Landing Page, or as many pages as you want.
  • You can use your Landing Pages to capture EMail Addresses.  Yes!  This is how you build a Gigantic Database.
  • You can use your Landing Pages to sell individual products you represent!   Proven Strategy:  Sell only 1 thing on each Page.
  • You can perform Demographic research on Landing Pages; offering free gifts, run web contests, etc. Cyberspace is your Canvas and a Landing Page is your Masterpiece.

In order to qualify, you must be:

  • Using a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog (if your blog’s domain is, then it is not self-hosted.)
  • Willing to participate in Surveys to make the Landing Page Creator better and better!
  • Willing to report any challenges to DIY Online Solutions right away!

BETA 1.1 Landing Page Plugin $197 Only $47

Simple, Effective, and Affordable is what we live by!

Setting up a DIY Landing Page is as simple as setting up a WordPress page.

If you have hired a Professional to set up a Landing Page for you,
then you know:

  • It may take days – if they decide to give you the time of day.
  • They can cost at least $100-150 or more PER PAGE.
  • You can’t just run test marketing campaigns with ease!  Each costs tons of money.
  • Your Marketing Material and Livelihood are in the hands of  a Web Geek who may or may not be business-savvy.
  • If you’re not happy with the results, you have to go back to the Web Geek.  More time and more $$$$$.

“Welcome to our DIY Online Solutions Family!” ~ Jennifer Cloake, Founder

Master Landing Pages, Master Online Marketing!

BETA 1.1 Landing Page Plugin  $197 Only $47


Yes! This Landing Page was created right within our WordPress Blog – No widgets, No sidebars,and No clutter!

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