Marketing Stuff

Okay, Jennifer is the Marketing Nerd on the team.

Branding and Marketing is in her blood.  Being able to identify a business Niché for Entrepreneurs is her Gift.  She prides herself in Efficiency– finding unique avenues to maximize Efforts and eliminate unnecessary routes to reach Mega Success.  Her passion is to bring Spirituality and Humor into the Business World- Inspire Business Owners to step into their Inner Giggles.  It’s all about Oneness!  And she intends to Laugh herself Silly while sharing her Success Tips!

Jennifer believes she’s been able to Achieve early Success because of her LIAM Method:

  • Learning just enough to get started,
  • Taking Immediate Action,
  • Start Monetizing!

For more information on Jennifer, please visit or send her an email directly for Branding Assistance.

See what Entrepreneurs say about Jennifer…

Power of $1
Don’t discount the Power of $1 online.
See how you can make millions charging $1.

Please say “Hi” first before you try to sell me on Facebook
Do me a favor- Wine me, done me, before you Bone me!
Learn what not to do in Social Media.
We are there to market, not to sell.

Be yourself online.
If you’re serious, then be serious.
If you’re goofy, then be goofy.
Authenticity is everything online.
Don’t be afraid of losing potential clients.
You’ll end up attracting those who love your style.

I see Dead Peeps online
Speak up and get involved in conversations.
Allow people to get to know You.
Don’t be a Dead Peep online!
Marketing is all about being Seen.

You don’t always have to be Proper online.
Be yourself.
People want to know You, not your Properness.

11 Tips for making Videos
Jennifer shares her 11 Tips on making Videos.
Stuff people don’t talk about-
like her “Fat suck-in Suit”!

Online Marketing vs Offline Marketing
Do you start with Online or Offline Marketing first?
Do Traditional marketing strategies work Online?