About DIY

About DIY Online Solutions

Jennifer & Dave are the 2 Founders of DIYOnlineSolutions.org, among other websites.  Officially, DIY Online Solutions is a division of Bottom Line Online Solution, a web application development company.

After seeing their fellow Entrepreneurs struggle while facing the need to have a solid Online Presence in today’s Tech Savvy World, they decided to come out of retirement and pool their talents together in Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and website building skills.  It’s their way of Paying it forward.

Although their initial goal was to demonstrate Simple, Effective, Affordable Online Solutions for Entrepreneurs, this venture quickly turned into a lucrative software development business.  Dave is now in charge of writing code for ultra nerdy projects, while Jennifer is living her passion sharing with entrepreneurs how they can live an Effortless lifestyle while creating an Abundance business model.

Their mission is to inspire business owners to take charge of their destiny.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how the economy is.  We are in full control of how we choose to live our lives, personally and professionally.  When our burning desire is combined with business savvy, magic happens!

For more information on Dave, please visit him DaveJesch.com
To Learn more about Jennifer, please visit her at JenniferCloake.com
You can also visit our executive team on our Team at DIY page.

.com or .org?

Yes. Yes to both.  DIY Online Solutions started out as a .com.  Quickly, Jennifer was inspired to start a low cost business school for Solopreneurs and professional Lightworkers.  Around the same time, Dave noticed a deep desire to share the software development  knowledge he has accumulated during the past 30+ years.  So, they decided to join hands again to set up an educational Foundation (coming soon).  In this educational platform, practical experiences and knowledge are shared.  The goal is to bridge the gap between formal education and the real business world.  DIYOnlineSolutions.org was born.  It is a stepping stone towards a divine plan.  You may see eMaterial with the .com stamp.  You may also see some stuff with the .org stamp.  Both are valid and both gets ya to the same site.  Ultimately, it’s Jennifer’s way of setting clear Intentions of doing good for the World through the .org while upholding superb business practices with a .com.

Who is this site designed for?   

The short answers is everyone is welcome to visit, of course!  With that said, typically Solopreneurs new to the web world find this site useful.  Techy folks might find Dave’s personal site more helpful.  There are many how-to videos and tutorials on Youtube these days, so we try to fill the void by offering concepts and strategies rarely shared online.  For the most part, you will see technical explanation and demos from Jennifer’s point of view. Our feeling is that entrepreneurs only need to learn what pertains to their business, supporting their company vision, bottom line, and conversion.   We also feel that since Jennifer is not a professional nerd, she can explain techniques from a non-technical perspective.  After all, technology needs to support your marketing efforts.  Not the other way around.  You can ask a question or make a request by visiting the Ask Jenn page.  If you find that you rather hire someone, visit our network of developers.

DIY Philosophy…
Efficiency + Automation = Relaxation

Efficiency is more Jenn’s thing.  While running multiple businesses, she figured out ways she can maximize her efforts and still have plenty of time to play.  Automation is totally Dave’s speed.  His motto is “Why do things twice when you can get the computer to do it for you.”

Online Marketing doesn’t have to be scary. It really is quite simple. Even though many Social Media Gurus and SEO Experts offer great support, there are mixed messages.  Ultimately, marketing is an art form.  There’s not right or wrong.  There’s only the best solution, with the tools on hand, that supports your business expansion. By understand the intent and logic behind these concepts, we can all make sound decisions as business owners. We are simply here to break it down for you so you can decide how you’d like to move forward.

Now, let’s have some fun while we get some serious work done! All of us here look forward to connecting with you.  It’s time to take charge of our own destiny, creating an abundant personal economy.