FREE SEO Plugin (Search Engine Optimization) for WordPress

For all those who know me, you know I can be cheap sometimes!  I’m kinda proud of it.  There are times you need to invest money into a business.  There are also times to watch your BottomLine.  Generating incoming cashflow is one thing but being able to manage outgoing is a totally different game.  So, I’m going to show you how you can save money today by using a FREE SEO plugin to boost your Search Engine Results.

One of my favorite FREE plugins for WordPress is the WordPress SEO Plugin.  The great thing about using WordPress for your website and blogging platform is that it pretty much does 80% of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for you already.  Basically, with solid content, consistency and a few simple strategies you can rank high on Google and other Search Engines just the same as what experts can do for you.

By all means, there are many other SEO strategies beyond what this plugin can provide.  A good SEO plan takes in-depth marketing research and keyword analysis.  However, this plugin can get you started until you get to a point where you decide to invest money for SEO and Marketing Experts to take that load off of your shoulders.  After all, you have other business decisions to focus on.  and it would be neat if you can concentrate on your craft, what you are passionate about, rather than doing this “stuff” you really do not care about but know it’s necessary in today’s business world.

Knowing what’s available to you and what tools can do for you is a great way not only helps you manage outgoing cashflow in the beginning but it also educate you so that when it’s time to interview for marketing and SEO assistance, you know what you want and who to hire.

One of the major things Google looks at is how long you’ve been active online.  Yes, I said active.  Not a dead static page with no visitors and no activities.  But something that generates public interest.  So, even if you think you are not sure what to do and it’s too big of a task, just know that by doing something, no matter how small, you’re already earning those SEO points.  So, take action today!

Download WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast today.  It’s simple.  It’s free.  It’s amazing!

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