Team at DIY

Here’s our Leadership Team at DIY Online Solutions

DIY Online Solutions President

Whitman is the President at DIY Online Solutions. He prefers to put everything on automation while he naps.  He’s a Jack Russell mix so he’s smart and driven.  His deep desire for cutting edge solutions makes him the visionary on the DIY Team. Whitman is retired and independently wealthy in the dog world.  Instead of getting paid in human dollars, he has opted to contribute his business savvy for Kibbles.  His passion is to bring some doggy zenn-ness to the human existence.


DIY Online Solutions Marketer

Abbi is our Marketing Expert. She’s high strong, bold, and not afraid to tell you how it is. She’d rather have all attention on her at all times.  Her favorite thing is to sit in all meetings, big or small.  Why?  No one knows.  We have learned to step out of the way and allow her genius ideas to flow through.  This little ball of fire is an asset to DIY Online Solutions for being enthusiastic, confident and helping everyone shine their Light.


DIY Team-  Media Expert & Press Secretary

Chapps is the Media Director & Press Secretary. He’s got a set of high pitched pipes that will knock your socks off. When he barks, you can’t help but listen. He offers the gift of loyalty and persistence to this DIY family. Anything that needs to be announced to the World, you can be sure Chapps is on the task!  He works closely with Rickee, our Chief Security Officer.  When Rickee says the word, Chapps alerts the press!


Team DIY Online Solutions- Director of Operations

Angie is our Director of Operations. She prefers to play it safe.  ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ is her motto.  Nothing gets by Angie without a thorough inspection. Even though she claims not to like people, every so often we see her sweet caring side with staff.  She runs a tight ship and keeps things organized on the DIY Team.


Team DIY- Online Security Chief OfficerRickee doesn’t allow his weak legs to stop him. Even though he was abandoned and suffered from malnutrition as a child, he has picked himself up and thrived in the business world. Despite all the obstacles, he’s on high alert on what’s going on in our neighborhood. He patrols our office and will alert the media (Chapps) when it’s a matter of national security. He’s our Chief Security Officer.


Mimi is our Spiritual Advisor on the team. Even though she’s not quite sure how to live on Earth, she exudes pure loving energy. Even though she’s curious about humans, she doesn’t really come near people much.  Mimi prefers to meditate all day and send out good ju-ju to our clients and holds the positive vibe in our office.  Mimi keeps us in perfect harmony with Universal Oneness.


DIY Team- Director of Technology

Dave Jesch is our technical lead. You can read more about him on his website. Basically, he writes code for the software and web applications we provide.  He prefers to be behind the scenes poking at tech stuff, finding new genius ways to making things more efficient within our company.  Thanks to Jason Tucker for the animation on Dave’s “stache”.


Jennifer Cloake is the master delegator. She oversees the DIY family and helps entrepreneurs shine their Light, loud and bright.  Her favorite thing to do is helping business owners clarify their Vision, creating Infinite Abundance.  She’s also the self appointed Comedian at DIY.  No one else in the family thinks she’s funny but she’s determined to add a bit of humor in business.  You can visit with her on her website at


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