Power of $1

Jennifer Cloake, Founder of DIY Online Solutions.com, shares a marketing secret online- The Power of $1

Hey, you might be spending $5 on a cup of coffee these days but don’t discount The Power of $1 online.

99 Cent Store rakes in millions on this principle. When was the last time you bought only 1 item at the 99 Cent Store? Me- NEVER! I always end up with shopping carts full of stuff.

Now, with automated email delivery systems online, you literally can come up with tutorials- videos or .PDF’s, charge $1 each, rinse, and repeat! =) It takes you a little bit of initial efforts but with ongoing marketing and the benefits of a WordPress Blog, you can really automate much of your efforts.

More details in the video, you’ll know what I mean. You can set up monthly memberships to generate residual income. You can choose to pump out 100 of this mini-tutorials, make a series out of them. Sky is the limit and there’s no stopping when it comes to creativity.

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