DIY Toolbox

You’re going to Xhit!  We’ve got some really cool stuff coming…

Do It Yourself Marketing Strategies and WordPress Plug-ins that will blow your mind!

Current Products include:

DIY Landing Page Plugin

Create landing pages right within your WordPress blog — without having to change your current WordPress theme.

DIY “Facebook Like” WordPress Plugin

Add the new “Facebook Like” button to your blog posts and pages.

DIY OptIn HTML WordPress Plugin

Add HTML for an OptIn after every blog post. Build your list of contacts and turn them into customers.

DIY Hide WordPress Version Plugin

Hide the WordPress version from your pages so hackers and comment spammers have a harder time attacking your site. If they don’t know what version of WordPress you’re using, they don’t know how to attack you.

DIY Google Analytics WordPress Plugin

Easily add Google Analytics tracking code to your blog’s web pages. Using Google Analytics you can track which pages your visitors go to and learn how to turn them into customers.

DIY HTML Sitemap WordPress Plugin

Add an HTML Sitemap to your website by adding a simple code to a page. The contents of the Sitemap are generated automatically from the current pages and blog posts that you’ve already created.

DIY HTML WordPress Plugin

Add HTML Code to your WordPress pages that will not be automatically removed by the WordPress visual editor.

DIY Theme Test WordPress Plugin

Allows you to “test drive” a theme without making it the active theme for your blog. You can view every page of your site just as if the theme were active, but your viewers will still see the old theme until you activate the new one.

What if…

What if…

More Products Coming Soon!

Or, if you have a suggestion for a WordPress plugin that you would like to see, Contact us with your ideas and we’ll get to work on it.