The B.U.T.T. Movement

Do you feel like you’re running in circles, busier than ever, yet still don’t see traffic on your website?  Wouldn’t it be cool to have Clients come knocking on your door? Draw in a crowd Effortlessly?

Well, there are no accidents in this magnificent Universe!  You and I are connecting for a reason.  If you’re here, you’re ready to add a dose of Zen into your business and a double-shot of Fun!

To ease your mind, please understand you’re not alone.  I, too, have to consult with my PR and Marketing Friends.  Sometimes we’re too close to home to see the true Vision we are creating, yet can’t put into words.

The Key is Collaboration!

So, how come all the how-to’s you’ve learned so far haven’t worked?  Well, the short answer is you probably don’t have a clear Branding Message – A Message that will inspire others to work with you; with you only and no one else.  I can pretty much bet you’ve been knocking on doors (YUCK!) doing online sales, not marketing.

My Purpose is to share Effortless Solutions so you can focus on your Craft and Expertise.

Are you excited yet?

Jennifer Cloake, DIY Marketing Nerd

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Here’s how Marketing really works…

1.  Know what your 3 Branding Words are.  These are words you stand by (either for you or your business).  You should feel the “warm fuzzies” inside.  After all, if you don’t feel it, then you can’t expect your prospective clients to feel you.

2.  Create a Branding Message.  A consistent Message that defines who you are and what your business is about.  Every product or service has a “higher purpose” .

3.  Create a consistent theme to convey your Message.  This can be done through your Logo, Images you use, the language you use, and all Marketing and Business Strategies.

4.  Once we identify your Branding Message, it’s time for some Marketing- the Action of broadcasting your Branding Message to the World.

5.  Now sit back and relax with open arms to receive the Abundance in traffic and clients!  (Make sure the true desire comes from your Heart and not desperation.)

As I explained in the video, I came up with the Branding Ultimate Think Tank (B.U.T.T.) Program so that DIY Entrepreneurs don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars an hour to get assistance.  I wanted this program to align with the Integrity and Message behind DIY Online Solutions- Simple, Effective, Affordable Online Solutions for Entrepreneurs like Me and You!

So here’s what I’m committing to:

I will help you find clarity in your 3 Branding Words- These are Words that define what you stand for and gives you the warm fuzzies inside.  Then we will come up with a Branding Message to create consistency in your Marketing Efforts.

All this at an Affordable Introductory rate of $97.

What’s “Pay It Forward”?

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Now, here’s the deal…you will answer a few short questions.  I may contact you via email or phone to gain some clarity.  By not spending time on the phone chit-chatting, we can speed up the process and this will also allow me time to meditate and brew up neato ideas for you!

I ask that you allow 24 hours from the time I start the process.

Here’s what you will receive-

  • a personal video message from me to you,
  • your 3 branding words,
  • a branding message,
  • a “hook” to tie it all together to create a consistent message for your product/ service, and
  • ideas to implement Now.

What’s “Pay It Forward”?

Who may want this service? This is for you if you…

Feel paralyzed by modern technology.

Feel lost in Cyberspace.

Feel stuck- running in circles and not seeing results.

Are you ready to attract what you truly desire and deserve?
Get ready for a wild wild ride.

What’s “Pay It Forward”?

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