Testimonials- Jennifer

Jennifer, Nerd is the new cool…
~ John Halderman, Spiritual Coach

Thanks so much for helping me clarify my message and exposing me face-to-face to our audiences on social media…
~Donald Hunter, the Unstuck Coach

What I’ve found in Jennifer, after many years working in this particular Industry is her very unique style…makes it fun to learn from her…she is the real deal. I have never seen anyone so passionate and fun, and effective at delivering information. I’ve been following her for the last few months and I can tell you about all the insider secrets she has put into my hands and the benefits I have reap from all of her Marketing Solutions…For me it has been like stepping into the next level in my Online career…
~ Pedro Aguero, Master Internet Marketer

…Wow, where to start…Jennifer…her energy is contagious, inspiring, and makes me feel like I can do anything…                            ~ Susan Bock, Coaches’ Coach

Jennifer…You are an amazing person with a great talent for bringing out understanding and helping people find clarity. I’m inspired and encouraged. Now on to my homework….!
~ Jacqueline Stone, Spiritual Author

Wow! What a bubbly energetic, enthusiastic and full on girl this Jenn is. The warmth and caring seemed to just jump out of the computer. For a while I’ve been hovering in the background of your site figuring out what makes you ‘tick’ The conclusion being, you are just one awesome girl enjoying life to the fullest. A people person Eh!
~ Keith Davenport, Photographer

…If you want to put some fun into the learning curve, and the process of learning to marketing online, seek her out.  She helps bring you back to what your connection is, in terms of what’s important to you and your biz…Jennifer…
~ Greg Stanbro, Fitness and Marketing Stud

The most important thing I have learned from our phone conversation: the crucial role of branding! Thanks, Jennifer! 
~Boris I. Gurevich, Ph.D.  (Dr. CARD), The Ask Trade Mentor

Jennifer…I learned that just being nice and friendly without selling anything was best…I went from 300 to 500 contacts in about a month or less.  Thanks…
~ Jackie, Blogger

Thank you Jennifer, you really are a master of your craft…
~ Jason Brett, Spiritual Marketing Coach

Jennifer…she gives you so many unique ideas in about 30 seconds…that I’ve never heard before.  And I’ve been in business for 2 years…
~ Melissa Hertz Sukiennik, Neoslev.com

…ARF! ~ Lou, Melissa’s furry companion

…not a day goes by that I don’t start my day with a bowl of Cheerio’s and a dose of DIY Marketing Nerd Jennifer Cloake…
~ Bob Hausen, Entrepreneur

Jennifer and her marketing ideas via DIY Online Solutions have done wonders for me in a very short period of time. Her infectious energy and humorous slant on marketing in today’s online business world will change your life.
~ Jef Namoto, eBay Veteran

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