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Our goal here at DIY Online Solutions is to inspire you to take charge of your destiny today, no matte how scary online stuff may seem!  Do-It-Yourself is a great way to take immediate action in fulfilling your Dream.  It’s also an awesome way to understand online strategies.  However, at certain point, you will find it’s time  to invest in professional assistance so you can focus on your passion and business; not tech stuff.  The key to business expansion is delegation.

Here are some talented professionals we have met over the years.  We have no business affiliation with them except having respect for their Integrity, talents, and skills.  Although we do work with some of them on projects from time to time, we are not being compensated by anyone listed on this page for the purpose of being listed here.  We want to keep these recommendations pure and objective.

As a reminder, please do interview them and make sure they are a good fit for you and your project.  It’d be great if you can take a moment and view the video above for tips on how to hire a web developer.  As we say in the biz world:  Hire at your own risk!  Let us know if you don’t see what you need on this list.  We will continue to modify and add to this list as we see fit.

Priscilla Christian Graphic Services
WordPress Dev.  Website Design.  Draw for web & print.

Steve Wiideman, SEO Expert
SEO Training & Consulting
(562) 732-4417
You can email Steve on his website.

Loren Nason
Tech/ WordPress development & maintenance

Lucy Beer
WordPress Blog & Online Marketing Training
(323) 920-5297
You can email Lucy on her website.

Alex Vasquez
Web Design, Development, SEO and Social Media Marketing Agency
(714) 989-6654

Jason Tucker
full-service web design / web development / marketing

Stephen Kane
Building & Supporting WordPress Websites and Helping Companies Grow Through Online Branding & Marketing.
(949) 954-4443
You can email Stephen on his website.

Jon Brown
WordPress Developer
You can email Jon on his website.

Zeek Interactive
Proprietary Products, Internet Sites & Applications, and Game Design & Development.
You can contact Steve Zehngut on their website.

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