Pay It Forward

What Is DIY “Pay It Forward?”

We don’t just want to talk about bringing Spirituality into the Business World.

We want to practice it!

Too Often, we’re taught “Value Exchange” in our society. You Pay for yours and I’ll Pay for mine.

If you purchase something for $75, you better get your $75 worth of Shhhhh-tuff!

We believe this puts us in a frame of mind that actually blocks Abundance.

Instead of buying your own Product or Service on DIY Online Solutions,

When you Press the “Pay It Forward” button, you are actually paying for the person after you.

By pressing that same button, you’re now ready to Receive a Gift from the last person before you.

You won’t know who you’ll be Gifting nor will you know who you’re Receiving your Gift from.

The neato part of this is that you may be paying for something that’s $75 and the next person is receiving a service worth $500.

The point is, the Universal Law of Abundance doesn’t care what the Value is.

It only cares that you’re willing to Give and more importantly, ready to Receive!

Are you ready to Receive Effortless Abundance?

Jennifer & Dave, your 2 Nerds!

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