Content generation using Tweets

Writing tweets is a great way for content generation when you need to write blog posts.  For example, the idea for this blog post came from a tweet.

Original tweet: “Writing tweets can help you come up with blog post ideas.”

Rather than trying to figure out what to write for blog posts.  When I feel inspired, I will sit down and write hundreds of tweets.  Since I maintain several blogs, what works for me is a “brain dump”.  Some people do better when they tune into one blog at a time.  Whatever works for you is perfect!

Side note: When I write tweets, I keep it around 125 characters even though Twitter allows 140 characters per Tweet.  This will allow space for others to retweet your post or make comments.  I often add an URL to the tweet so the extra room allows for it.

Here’s my typical routine:

1.  “Brain dump” a bunch of tweets in a word document.

2.  I will go through the list afterwards and sort them out.  The Spiritual tweets will go on my personal blog or Center Of Oneness.  and of course, the online marketing tweets go here on DIY Online Solutions.

3.  Once I divide them up, I rearrange them depending on what my marketing strategies are that week.

4.  I then link blog posts, images or videos  to the appropriate tweets.  Write new blog posts depending on what inspires me. Usually 3 non-linked tweets to 1 link for my websites.  You will have to try out various formula depending on when and how often you tweet.

5.  Upload your tweets to your automated system.


Note:  I use  as my auto tweet delivery system.  Typically, I’d suggest the free version.  In this case, be sure to sign up for the $9.99/mo membership.  It’s worth the investment and will save you more than $10 worth of time each month.  You can add a person on your team to assist you with the management of the account without giving out your information. If you don’t have an assistant right now.  It’s good to set up your system in preparation for future growth.  Switching to new systems while you grow sucks!  Been there.  Done that.  Won’t do it again! is the best social media management tool out there today that offers management to G+ accounts.  I do have to say, even they are not perfectly linked with G+.  But good enough for something that’s new in the market.  I have confidence it will improve soon.  Best of all, you can bulk upload your social media posts (350 across your social media accounts).  *That* alone will save you tons of time!  Although I miss Social Oomph where I can bulk load years of tweets, covers a bigger range in online marketing and is more economical.






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