The logic behind SEO- Search Engine Optimization

As I was chatting with a colleague of mine, the topic of blogging and SEO came up.  She stated that she’s not very good about internal linking and on-site SEO.

This friend of mine is very Spiritual and lives an authentic lifestyle.  She expressed to me that she hasn’t been comfortable in linking because it feels like you’re constantly selling something.  With the Spiritual life she lives, it hasn’t felt right for her to add this piece of marketing strategy to her blog posts.  She felt like she had to choose between sound marketing strategies and a life of Truth and honesty.  Her feelings are not uncommon.  For good old honest people who are trying to build a solid business, marketing can seem daunting causing internal conflicts.  From our chat, I quickly realized that many have misunderstood the  logic behind SEO strategies.

Let’s stick wit the Onsite or internal linking strategy for demonstration purposes.  These techniques are not about leading people somewhere so you can sell them something.  Of course, it’s often one of the end results, if done right, benefiting your bottom line.  But the Intention behind these strategies is to encourage you, the writer, to reference back to other related materials you’ve written in the past; something your readers may benefit from.  It’s about connecting with your Readers  through pages and words; being genuinely helpful.  Watching out for their best interest.  Helping them find the solution they are seeking, if not on this page, perhaps on another.

Search Engines like Google want to see that you are the authority in what you are posting.   Years of studying this, I can tell you one thing:  SEO Algorithm constantly change to encourage true experience and cut out those trying to gain the system.  My personal opinion is Keep it simple and keep it real.  Along with some blogging strategies and free tools,  you will never go wrong in SEO.  Our job is focus on our craft and conversion, not SEO strategies.

The SEO playbook (unpublished) encourage you to share you passion by posting your thoughts.  They see the Internet as a big playground for All.  It’s a huge online community and information center where everyone has the freedom to express their opinions and help one another by sharing individual know-how and experiences.

Focus on Authenticity, real Connection and the Community spirit when sharing online.  If you keep these principles in mind, you will quickly realize it’s no different than online people connection.  Along with a few simple strategies, Online SEO will become natural and effortless.

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Happy Writer, Happy Readers!  In sharing, we are giving!

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