Search Engine Optimization- SEO Onsite Linking Techniques

One of the easiest thing to do for SEO is the practice of one or two consistent Onsite Linking Strategies in your blog posts.

Onsite Linking is where you insert hyperlinks in the blog post you’re writing that will lead people to view other posts or pages on your site.  For example (see images below), you’ve seen blog posts where there are links from a certain word or phrase.  Or you may see a link for an invitation to view another related post or direct you to an upcoming event that’s posted elsewhere on the same site.  The biggest benefit of onsite linking is that people stay on your site longer and view more pages.   Both are great for what I called “SEO Points”.

Here are a couple of techniques you can use right away…

#1 SEO Onsite Linking Technique:

Linking a particular word or phrase to a previous blog post.

I’m going to use the post I’m writing right now as an example.  Let’s say my focus is about sharing a couple of techniques on Onsite Linking Strategies.   That goes in the How category.

However, in this blog post, I happened to touch on Why these strategies are beneficial for SEO in a couple of places.

As I’m writing this post, I realized that it’d really benefit readers if I put up a link to the Logic behind SEO blog post I wrote so those interested have easy access to that post after reading this one.

Here’s the logic behind this:

For those who only care about the How’s, asking them to sit through another 500 words of  the Why can create a miserable reading experience.   For those who are curious about the Why, I’ve made it simple for them to explore this further by putting up a link.  This will serve the group who only care about the How’s.  and this will also benefit the group who want to know about the Why’s.


#2 SEO Onsite Linking Technique:

You can link related posts or an event/ page you’d like others to visit at the end of your post.

There’s nothing wrong closing your posts with a “Call to Action“.  You can ask people to make comments, visit another page or come to an upcoming workshop.  It really depends on how comfortable you are with these techniques and the relationship you have with your readers.

For the most part, my readers know me to be blunt and many know me from live workshops.  So, I’ve developed a trusting relationship where they know I’m a straight shooter; what you see is what you get.  and I feel very comfortable with the “Call to Action” concept.  Only you can decide what feels right for you.

The easiest way to used to this technique is by posting links to related material on the bottom of each blog post.  Say something like, “If you enjoy this blog post, you may be interested in:” and list 2-3 links that may help the Readers find what they need.  Make sure links are established and tested so that they have easy access.  Remember, it’s about providing your Readers an effortless experience on your site.

Final thoughts…

When I was in marketing, I absolutely loved social media.  There’s still a time and place for Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.   I will always have a special spot in my heart for the tweet-tweets!   But the more I’m in the space of building my Online Spiritual Community, the more I feel in alignment with SEO- Search Engine Optimization.   The energy in SEO strategies are calmer.  It allows site visitors to choose how they want to experience your site and connect with you.

Also, a quick note on Onsite Linking Strategies.  They are meant to be references and support to what you’re writing.   They are not meant to be abused by having 9 links in a 10-word sentence.   Go with what feels natural in the flow of your blog post.

The SEO point system encourages authenticity, passion, and community.   Keep these 3 things in mind, you will absolutely succeed in SEO over a constant period.  and also know that sometimes, there’s simply isn’t anything to link.  and that’s okay too!

Have fun with this!


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