Is marketing on Facebook still a good idea?

marketing on facebook- snoozeSo, is marketing on Facebook still a good idea?  Yes and no.  Sometimes I feel like I’m better off snoozing at the keyboard when I log on social media sites.

Although social media is a big part in today’s world, I can certainly think of other marketing strategies that offer more in rewards.  Hey, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a part of a huge circle of business owners who use the web platform to make money.  Facebook is no different.  Their own pocket book will always come first, especially after they went public in May 2012.  It is expected by their investors that they expand as projected.

It’s no secret I stepped away from social media for at least a year to soul search. When I returned, Facebook has changed enough I felt I had to relearn everything. What I have noticed is that the pages are more confusing than ever.  With them offering business owners opportunities to buy ad space, I find that company pages are less visible in personal feeds.   Gee.  I wonder why?

Let’s face it.  For the most part, no one listens to us on Facebook besides our grandmas.  People go on facebook to have fun, not to get stressed with work stuff.   Due to all the spam, most of us turn off auto-notification.  The legit promotions are lost in the thousands of self promotional material filling my inbox.  It’s quite interesting how it has evolved in a short year.

Here are my opinions about marketing on Facebook in 2o12:

1.  It is still a great free platform to keep in touch with your existing customers.   If you set up a public page in Facebook, you can manage many expectations before they become customer service issues.  This can demonstrate your business practices to the public.

2.  Facebook page is a great way for a business owner to announce upcoming specials, events, and offer coupons.  But I could do the same in an eMail blast.  So, I’ll leave this one up to you to decide what’s more productive in your business.

3.  Posting your content on Facebook and other social media platforms helps you share your passion and craft.  Granted, we are competing with many others.  But I still believe in the power of the internet.  It can turn your material viral.  and we love that!

In short, I’d suggest social media to be the secondary support to your marketing strategies.  If you’re new in using the web as part of your marketing plans,  it’s a great idea to set up a solid social media presence while you build and expand your business.


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