Jennifer Cloake- Giving Credit

Jennifer Cloake, Founder of, discusses the importance of giving credit where it’s due.

I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Wiideman,,  the other night at a workshop.  He gave a superb presentation on SEO tips.

You all know I’m not too crazy about self-proclaimed Gurus and Experts.  Steve impressed me right away when he mentioned he’s not one of the Experts who claims to know everything but he does know where to get the information.  Guess what?  Whenever someone openly admits to this, they are typically one of the top-notch Experts.  No ego involved…me like!!!  =)

For this marketing nerd, I’ve always been resistant in learning SEO.  Ask Dave.  I found it to be too technical and I rather go play on Facebook and make silly videos.  Steve explained it in a precise straight forward fashion in which I believe a Do-It-Yourselfer could understand.

One of the tips he mentioned was to start a FREE account on You get to post a free ad for you business and ride on their high SEO ranking.  I tried it myself and within 24 hours, it was indexed and appeared on Page one when you search DIY Online Solutions.  Pretty cool!

I’m excited and looking forward to his future workshops.  Steve, consider me a big fan!


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